The Tailor of Gloucester

Beatrix Potter’s story


of the poor Tailor, naughty Simpkin and the good little mice

set to music by Jodie O’Regan

Voices in the Wilderness pemiered the first public performance

at the Adelaide Fringe in March 2015.

The piece is part musical, part story telling, with a choir, solos by Simpkin and the Tailor and a narrator who tells the story between songs. The music incorporates folk songs from Gloucestershire, and has string accompaniment – cello, viola, violin and guitar.

Children in the audience (and adults are welcome too) are invited to become part of the show, as mice. The mice sing two songs in the show, so children coming to the show need to prepare in advance. There are videos, words and sheet music to learn the two mice songs.

This work was originally composed for Adelaide choir, Voices in the Wilderness who successfully toured it to a number of primary schools, as well as a public premiere in the Adelaide Fringe in 2015.


A unit of work for teachers and parents who would like to prepare and explore more elements relating to The Tailor of Gloucester.

Read the original story with the delightful illustrations.

For Choirs

If you would like to put this work on, here are sheet music and rehearsal tracks for choirs and parts for your string players. This work is public domain for non-commercial use, with attribution – please drop us a line to talk about the licence!

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